Steel Pan Alley

The Steel Pan Alley School

Steel Pan Alley is a one of a kind school/band made available to the children and teenagers of Roatan, with students ranging in age from 9 to 19. They come from different family backgrounds and all are bilingual in Spanish and English.

The school seeks to provide the children of the island with music and an opportunity to learn and grow in a friendly, cooperative environment. The school offers this to the children of Roatan for free and hopes to instill steel pan music as a way for Bay Island teens to make a supplemental income in the future.

Steel Pan Alley was founded and is directed by Deborah Prieskop, a retired California schoolteacher. She taught music in elementary and junior high school for 38 years. When the music programs were cut due to "No Child Left Behind", she took her savings and bought property in the beautiful Colonia de las Brisas above Gravel's Bay in Roatan, Honduras. Then she bought pans from premier builder Leroy Williams and built a "panyard" to house them and start the school.

Donations for our school are always graciously accepted.


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