Steel Pan Alley

Donating to Steel Pan Alley

Many generous people have helped the school to build walls and get better lighting. The people of Roatan are extremely supportive of the Bay Island children and the growth of the arts here. If you want to help us bring this unique experience into the lives and hearts of the Bay Island children and their families, please donate so that we can buy drums and supplies, pay for transportation, and keep the music of the islands alive in Roatan. Include yourself in the following list of the many people who have helped us by making a small donation today.


Donors of Steel Pan Alley

Building Supplies & Materials
  • Serrano's Lumber and Hardware
  • D.B. Woods Lumber and Hardware
  • Hyde Shipping
  • Albert Jackson
  • Pinturas Victor
  • Navarro Lumber
  • Hynes Sand
  • Andal Jackson
  • Port of Cortez Express
  • Teddy Ebanks
  • Willis Campbell
  Realtors   Hotels & Resorts   Stores
  • Chiapa Edwards
  • Luna Y Mar Boutique
  • H.B. Warren's Supermarket

Friends of the School

  • Tom Glover and Stacey Rishel
  • Lee Hofmann
  • Jason Hutchins
  • Matthew Powell
  • Doug Crawford
  • The A.A.U.W. in Morgan Hill, California is filled with helping hands. Lots of people gave us money and we don’t even know who they are. But we are so happy to say that all their generosity has been put to good use. The walls are UP!
  • Bob & Nancy Foster of Morgan Hill California
  • Donna Walton and friends of Morgan Hill California
  • Michael Cox of Morgan Hill
  Tourist Attractions   Dive Shops
  • Coconut Tree - West End
  • Native Sons - West End
  • Pura Vida - West End
  Website Services

Roatan is first of all a dive destination. When we decided to make a Christmas Album and we needed money for recording equipment. These Dive Shops all kindly donated so we could buy 4 microphones and a mixer/amplifier

  • CoconutTree
  • Native Sons
  • Luna Beach
  • Pura Vida
  • Las Rocas
  • Ocean Connections
  • Reef Gliders
  • Octopus
  • Sueno del Mar
  • West End Divers

We also received funds from the Chamber of Commerce and Larry Schlesser (again)

Live the Music of the Islands!